What is El Ibrik ?

El Ibrik is an Algerian enterprise  specialized in traditional and natural nutritional herbs with a modern touch; using the finest and the most authentic traditional algerian methods and combining them with modern knowledge on food science  to present you with a variety of Premium Quality Natural products that will be easily incorporated in your daily life. 

El Ibrik means ‘The Teapot’ in Arabic, which was the word uttered by the founder’s grandmother, an old Amazigh woman with a high attachment to herbal medicine. Whenever he would visit her, she would tell him to bring the teapot with whatever traditional herbal mix he used to make. 

When did El Ibrik start ?

El ibrik was founded in 2004 by the Algerian herborist, Fouad Hamaici, alongside German herborist and nutritionist, Zahrah Kannstein. Inspired by Islamic and traditional plants’ usage, the married couple set on a quest to search, cultivate and bring rare and unknown plants in Algeria, that were deemed as useless, to light.

This original and audacious decision, joint with affordable prices gained El Ibrik huge popularity and consolidated it among all demographics : common laymen, nutrition experts, children, middle aged, elders; all of it in 2 years.

Since then, El Ibrik became a Nameholder not only in Algeria, but also in over 15 countries across Africa.

What are the Goals of El Ibrik?

  • El Ibrik wants to create a culture, a mindset, a habit of self care and wellbeing, one that is self evident to you and your surroundings.
  • El Ibrik is offering to you and constantly developing products that suit different people in different situations. The Team behind El Ibrik believes that healthy beverages should be in reach for everyone. No matter what age, gender, or profession you are in, you will find the product the suits your mood and your need of the day
  • El Ibrik Products are 100% safe and natural, with no chemical additives, such as conservatives, flavour enhancers, anti caking agents or artificial colouring
  • El ibrik’s priority is to instill a cozy, comfortable and serene sensation in you, through its traditional and natural products that will enhance and preserve your wellbeing as well as your health, feeding your body and soul at once.
  • El ibrik also aims to inform and educate you on plants‘ usages in daily life, by showing you their nutritional importance, the correct way to consume and prepare them as well as the best ways to savour them for you to get the best experience and most benefits.
  • El Ibrik wants to preserve the traditional knowledge of herbal plants in Algeria and make it available to everyone.

What is El Ibrik’s Method of work ?

Local Production

El Ibrik supports local production. Most of the plants are either collected from wild forest places with an official collecting permission or bought from local peasants. To enhance national commercial development, EL Ibrik made several contracts with peasants, carefully teaching them the growing process and the modern ways of conservation

Premium Ingredients

 Our ingredients are of Premium Quality thanks to the careful way we select,hand pick, test and customize them.

 As it’s known, Algeria is a continent on its own, its diverse weather and geography enabled it to have special and diverse soils, so we’ve been examining each soil and its geographical position, to grow plants in the best condition and in the most professional setting, away from city life and pollution.

Our herbal teas for example are tested in laboratories and on volunteers. This meticulous and controlled selection is to ensure you an Irreproachable Quality with zero danger and side effects.

Ecologic Awareness

 Various wild plants in Algeria are energy boosts and mineral sources, some were unknown while others were deemed as useless and were thrown away

This has been the case for decades until El ibrik shed light on them and professionally educated people on their existence and their health properties, the proper and natural ways to preserve their good taste and benefits, and made them become mainstream which resulted in their high demand all across Algeria and Africa.

However, El Ibrik has always made sure to not collect more than ⅔ of the plants, to prevent any sort of imbalance in the biological circle.

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